The Bouncy Castle

Go to any fun fair, school carnival, amusement park, fete, even some birthday parties and you can find at least one ‘bouncy castle’ inflatable insurance. Not that they have to be shaped like a castle, for they come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, but what we think of as a bouncy castle is something that kids love to get into and jump and play on a giant cushion of air. The first bouncy castle was in fact an open top mattress that was called the Space Pillow. It was full of air and unlike more modern models, it had no sides or even a doorway in which to enter or exit. This was back in the 1960’s when safety standards weren’t what they are today, but still, the Space Pillow offered a fun alternative to other rides at fairs across the country. Fast forward to present times and bouncy castles come in all different styles. Some have slides, some are mini obstacle courses, some have games built in, some are just bouncy areas for little kids to play in and some even incorporate water into the mix, with kids climbing up the one side and sliding down the soft water slide on the other landing in a shallow attached pool.

Bouncy castles are built to be strong. They are made primarily of PVC or may be made out of strong nylon, and today’s versions are powered by a continual blower that keeps them inflated. Pores that are built into the seams allow for some air to leave the structure as kids play in it thus keeping the surface squishy enough to be bouncy and soft enough to absorb the bounces. Because they come in all different designs, most are hand painted to be totally unique. All bouncy castles are temporary structures that are made to be rented out for functions big and small. They are easy to assemble and set up, easy to transport from one spot to another and easy to store when not in use as they fold down easily once the air stops blowing through them.

As with most things, bouncy castles keep evolving into bigger and better things adding more fun to the mix each and every time a new one is invented. Now they are more interactive and fun for kids of all ages, although the Space Pillow still sounds like a lot of fun!

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