CSET Test Prep Hints for the Hopelessly Unorganized!

Let’s face it: the best CSET study guides out there are meant for CSET test takers who are put-together, goal-oriented and 100% organized. If this sounds like you, then great! You shouldn’t have a problem with creating mile-long to-do lists, jam-packed study schedules and group study appointments every week leading up to the day of the big test Sat Prep Palo Alto. But when it comes down to it, very few people actually fit this organized model – yet most name-brand CSET study guides are still published with the organized person in mind. So what does that mean for the rest of the CSET test takers out there? Should you hope for a personality change overnight? Should you follow a study schedule that doesn’t fit your style and method of review? Or should you just ignore your study guide altogether in search of a better fit for your studying style and needs?

The answer just may surprise you…

CSET Test Preparation That’s Right for Everyone

That name-brand study guide doesn’t mean to exclude your from their study tips and techniques. In fact, they probably have the best of intentions. But that doesn’t change the fact that when it comes down to it, lists and flashcards are CSET test prep devices that can only be used by the super-organized. In fact, as a test prep coach, I often encounter students who lose track of their lists and flashcards within the first week of studying for the CSET test. That’s why I’m determined to approach test preparation from the other end of the scale. Too much test prep assumes that students will be able to organize their test prep on their own; but unfortunately, that’s very rarely the case for the busy future teacher.

Now it’s time for you to take back those study guides in the name of the disorganized……And these CSET test preparation tips will help you to do just that!

The Disorganized Teacher’s CSET Cheat Sheet

Think of these quick-fire tips and techniques as the disorganized teacher’s CSET cheat sheet:

• If you’re disorganized, you probably spend a great deal of your CSET test prep time simply getting your study guide, notes and books together. Preserve your precious time by designating one section of the house for your CSET materials; that way, you’ll know exactly where everything is when it’s time to study.
• Bookmark the last section you left off on. In fact, jot down a little note on a piece of scrap paper that details what troubles you had during your last review section. That way, you’ll know right where to pick up when you sit down to study.
• Don’t multitask. Pick one section of your study guide to review, and stick to that section for a couple of weeks. Only when you feel confident with the material should you move on to the next section.
• On a similar note, don’t multitask your senses. By this, I simply mean to give yourself the peace and quiet you need to study. Turn of the television, unplug your phone and give your household chores a miss. That way, you’ll give your brain permission to focus on test preparation!

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